đź”±Coming to OsM-ROđź”±

🔆Server Rate:

Base EXP Rate: 1000x

Job EXP Rate: 1000x

Drop Rate: 150x

Quest EXP Rate: 1000x

Normal Card Drop Rate: 5%

Mini-boss Card Drop Rate: 5%

MVP Card Drop Rate: 5%

🔆Feature Install:

Reafine UI System

Extended Vending System

Rating System

Healer Premium System + Icon

Vip System + Icon

Reputetion System

GM System

🔆Server Information:

Episodio 13.1: Ash Vacuum

Mode : Pre - Renewal

Transcendent 2-2

Max Level: 255/120

Max ASPD: 195

Max Stats: 255

Instant Cast: 150

Party Level Gap: 100

Party Even Share: 30%

Dual-Client: On

Guild Capacity : 14 Members

No Alliance

đź”…Others Functions:

Pack Guild [Exclusive]

PvP + Statue Ranked

đź”…Costume Commands:













and other traditional events...

1st Edition WOE
KRIENHILD Friday 07pm to 10pm
Himin Friday 07pm to 10pm
2st Edition WOE
Bamboo Grove hills Friday 07pm to 10pm
Cyr Friday 07pm to 10pm
Cyr Friday 07pm to 10pm
Name Kill Death